Introducing Urrea Striking Tools

Direct striking tools (hammers and mallets) and those designed to pass on stricken force, or indirect striking tools (chisels, punches and drift pins). Together they are very useful in industrial applications –machinery, assembly lines, maintenance– and for automotive service –engines, bodywork, tires.

Urrea Professional Tools

Our Services

UPC Global provides complete engineering, advanced optimization and problem solving methods by using Echometer technology for any type of oil well.

Echometer Maintenance & Repair

Specialized Echometer Maintenance Programs certified by Echometer.

Dynamometer & Fluid Level Services

Specialized certified staff ready to provide you with the acquisition of all the necessary data to analyze the performance of oil or gas wells.

Digital Telemetry & Automation

Design, Configuration, Installation and Implementation

Personalized Artificial Lift Training

Cover all technical process of artificial lift systems, and prepare your staff with the latest practices in the field.

Our Products

Choose the hardware and software that fit your production optimization projects today... and tomorrow

Echometer Well Analyzer

Well Analyzer

The Well Analyzer is a computerized instrument for acquiring liquid level data.

Seismic Stimulation Tool

Seismic Stimulation Tool

Uses high energy elastic waves to Enhance Oil Recovery in mature oilfields around the world.

Hybrid-X Downhole Gas/Sand/Solids Separator

Hybrid-X Downhole Gas/Sand/Solids Separator

Prevent gas, sands and solids from reducing oil production.

Wheeled Rod Guide® Couplings

Wheeled Rod Guide® Couplings

Reduce wear and prolong the life of sucker rods and tubing.

About UPC Global

About UPC Global

Our mission is to provide advanced technical support to our customers in the field of artificial lift systems thus optimizing oil production, improving best practices, and promoting safe working conditions supported by our specialists team.

We are dedicated in supplying software, hardware, and training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil and gas wells. UPC Global’s product line also extends to pumping units, polished rods, clamps, blowout preventers (BOP), rigless ESP solutions, motors, and stuffing boxes.

We have alliances with Echometer, Theta Oilfield Services, C-Fer Technologies, JP Ratigan, Oilfield Improvements, Skinner Bros, and Spirit Energy.
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