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Precision offers a myriad of cages to provide a wide range of function and versatility.

Cages are offered in the following materials:

Precision TBG

Useful for severe abrasive and corrosive wells. Made by introducing silicone carbide particles into a nickel matrix and applying to carbon steel or brass. The hardness yield exceeds all other specified A.P.I. hardness levels.

Alloy Steel

Made of alloy steel, for use in average pumping conditions where extended wear is required.

Stainless Steel

All stainless steel cages are manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel. These cages are made to withstand severe corrosion and medium abrasion.


For use in moderate corrosion and non-abrasive service.


Monel is a durable material and is used for severe corrosive services.

Stellite Lined

Used as a welded lining or an insert, stellite improves cage life significantly by providing very hard ball guide.

17-4 Stainless Steel

Extremely resistant to abrasion and can withstand severe corrosion.

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