50K Load Cell

Designed to meet rigorous performance standards required in the harsh environment of an oilfield production site

Spirit Energy


SPIRIT™ Load Cells are the new industry standard for precision and durability.

Stainless steel, heavy-duty construction & hermetically sealed, you will not find a more reliable load cell from any other source.

Spirit - 50K Load Cell

Key Features

The SPIRIT™ 50K Polished Rod Load Cell is designed to meet rigorous performance standards required in the harsh environment of an oilfield production site.

These 0.25% accuracy load cells are constructed of all welded stainless steel, are hermetically sealed and feature a robust cable strain relief. These application-specific load cells have transient voltage protection for lightning and/or power surges. Each load cell is shock and vibration rated during the manufacturing process.

Capacity: 50,000 lbs
Compensated Temperature Range: 0° - 150° F
Operating Temperature Range: -50° - 180° F
Construction:  All Welded Stainless Steel Transient Voltage Protection

Load Cell Accessories

SPIRIT™ Coiled Load Cell Cables are weather resistant and designed to work with any industry load cell.

SPIRIT™ Load Washers are nickel coated to resist corrosion and are made larger to insure accurate load cell placement.
Spirit - Load Cell Accessories

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