Oil Well Optimization Products

We work together with third-party suppliers to have the required equipment to provide you a complete well completion solution and any other artificial lift need. We focus on american made products, ensuring high quality, safety and economy. In addition to our available products, we can customize offerings to adjust your project and budget needs. To learn more about customization, please contact our sales team.

Echometer Products

Echometer Well Analyzer

Well Analyzer

Instruments, software to analyze and optimize oil and gas wells
Echometer Gas Guns

Wireless Remote Gas Gun

Designed for use with the wireless system
Echometer Wireless


Simultaneous acquisition of liquid level, dynamometer and pressure records
Echometer Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer


Measure pressure, temperature, load, acceleration, and motor power/current.
Echometer Model M

Model M

Portable dual-channel strip chart recorder
Echometer Gas Separator

Gas Separator

Correct artificial lift problems caused by incomplete pump fillage
Echometer Model H

Model H

Battery powered microprocessor controlled digital acoustic signal processor

Artificial Lift Equipment

Spirit Hybrid-X Downhole Gas/Sand/Solids Separator

Downhole Gas/Sand/Solids Separator

Prevent gas, sands and solids from reducing oil production
Downhole Sand & Solids Separator

Downhole Sand & Solids Separator

Reduces sand and solids contamination
Spirit Downhole Gas Separator

Downhole Gas Separator

Minimize pump failures with simple, reliable gas separation
Spirit 50K Load Cell

50 K Load Cell

Designed to meet rigorous performance standards
Spirit® Genesis™ Intelligent Asset Manager

Genesis Intelligent Asset Manager

Optimizing Management of Your Well Assets
Spirit Intelligent Speed Drive XR-1

Intelligent Speed Drive

Adjustable frequency drive, perfect for efficiently controlling Artificial Lift AC motors.

Rod Pumping Optimization Software

The latest technology software to analyze wells, perform diagnostic performance, complete design of pumping units, and complete production optimization.

Integrated software used for diagnosis, performance, and optimization of oil and gas wells.

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Advanced Oilfield Automation. Leading Rod Pumping Optimization Software.

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Perform quick analyses, designs and evaluations for any downhole PC pumping application using PC-PUMP®.

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