Echometer 15000 PSI Gas Gun

The High Pressure Gas Gun operates in implosion mode only, up to 15,000 PSI. This gas gun is useful in determining liquid levels, bottomhole pressures, locating the liquid level of corrosion inhibitors, and locating other anomalies.


In implosion mode, the volume chamber in the gas gun is bled to a pressure less than the well pressure, after which a poppet valve is rapidly opened to release gas from the well into the gas gun volume chamber in order to generate the pressure pulse.

The microphone is not noise-canceling and is less sensitive than the microphones on the Compact Gas Gun, Remote Fire Gas Gun or the 5000 PSI Gas Gun.

The 15,000 PSI Gas Gun performs best at pressures between 1,500 and 15,000 PSI. However, good results have been obtained at pressures above 1500 PSI (100 ATM) through the use of the 1/8" orifice needle valves which are standard on most high pressure wells.

Echometer 15000 PSI Gas Gun


  • Rated at 15000 PSI
  • Microphone is not noise-cancelling and is less sensitive than lower pressure gas guns
  • Test pressure: 30,000 PSI

Key Features

  • Fires manually
  • Operates in implosion mode only
  • Performs best at pressures between 1,500 and 15,000 PSI

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