Wireless Remote Fire Gas Gun


The Echometer Wireless Remote Fire Gas Gun allows for safe, remote operation and precise liquid level measurements, improving efficiency and safety in well management.


The Wireless Remote Gas Gun utilizes a high performance microphone with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio along with a 12 cubic inch volume chamber.

A solenoid valve releases gas from the gas gun volume chamber into the well. The solenoid is operated automatically from the wireless system. The Wireless Remote Fire Gas Gun cannot be operated in the implosion mode.


  • Fires remotely or manually
  • Operates in explosion mode only
  • Designed for use with the wireless system
  • Limited to 1500 PSI working pressure


  • Rated at 1500 PSI
  • High-performance microphone
  • 12 cubic inch volume chamber
  • 1500 PSI pressure gauge
  • 500 PSI internal pressure transducer
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