Echometer Model M

The Model M is a portable dual-channel strip chart recorder that uses acoustics to obtain the distance to the liquid level in the casing annulus of a well. Improve your production results.


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Echometer Model M: Overview

The device consists of a microprocessor controlled dual channel amplifier/recorder and a gun/microphone wellhead attachment. The gas gun generates an acoustic pulse which travels through the wellbore gas. This pulse reflects from tubing collars and the liquid level. The microphone converts acoustic reflections to an electrical signal. The amplifier/recorder simultaneously processes and filters the signal through two channels and records two traces on a paper strip chart. One channel accents collars, and the other channel accents the liquid level.The operator counts the number of collar reflections to the liquid level and multiplies by the average length of the tubing joints to determine the distance to the liquid level. Acoustic velocity can also be used in cases where counting tubing collars is not available. Labeled timing marks simplify the task of determining time to the liquid level reflection.

Echometer Model M: Key Features

Echometer Model M: Key Features

  • Stand-alone acquisition instrument.
  • User-friendly operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Acoustic trace prints out on strip chart paper
  • Dual channel recorder
  • Automatic gain setting and control
  • One second timer with date stamp
  • Built-in self-test
  • Operates from self-contained 12V rechargeable lead-cell battery or 12V external outlet
  • CSA or ATEX certified available
Echometer Model M: Specifications

Echometer Model M: Specifications

  • Compact Plastic Case
  • 5' Microphone to Amplifier Cable
  • 110/220 VAC Automatic Battery Charger
  • 12 VDC Automobile Cigarette Lighter Power Cord
  • 11 Point Dividers
  • 10 Rolls of Paper
  • 200 PSI Gauge with Quick Connector
  • Set of O-Rings / Misc Parts
  • Comprehensive Operating Manual
  • 5 lb. CO2 or N2 cylinder unless other option requested
  • Hose and Filler Connector Supplied for CO2 and N2 Cylinders

Well Monitoring Equipment

The Wireless Echometer Base Station, with GPS well site location, is connected to the USB port of the computer and communicates with all the Wireless sensors that include:

Compact Gas Gun

Compact Gas Gun

The compact gas gun offers superior performance due to its rugged, noise-canceling dual-disk microphone.
Wireless 5000 PSI Gas Gun

Wireless 5000 PSI Gas Gun

The Wireless 5000 PSI Gas Gun is a manually operated gas gun excellent for use in gas lift, flowing, and high pressure shut-in wells.
Wireless Polished Rod Transducer

Wireless Polished Rod Transducer

The data gathered by the device allows for the software analysis of polished rod power requirement, pumping unit beam loadings, rod loadings, and pump performance.
Wireless Horseshoe Transducer (WHT)

Wireless Horseshoe Transducer (WHT)

Horseshoe Dynamometer system is designed to facilitate installation of the horseshoe load cell, and to eliminate measurement errors caused by changes in pump spacing.

Echometer Model M: Documentation


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