Wireless Power Current Voltage Transducer


The Power Current Voltage Transducer measures motor power and current in order to determine overall system efficiency.


The Pressure Transducer has a rugged design and is accurate over a wide range of temperatures.

The wireless pressure transducer (WPT) is a durable device measuring 2" in outer diameter and 8.5" in length, easily attachable to well connections via either an external 1" NPT threaded connection or a special internal 1/8" or 1/4" fitting connection, ensuring a leak-proof seal with hand-tightening.

The pressure transducer features an Elgiloy construction with thin film sensor diaphragm technology, providing exceptional corrosion resistance and accuracy across a wide temperature range. Powered by rechargeable batteries, it offers a rugged and durable design with a wireless radio transmission range of approximately 400 feet line of sight, while also incorporating a thermistor for measuring transducer temperature.

The pressure transducer allows for simple re-zeroing before each test and provides excellent stability, offering a measurement resolution of better than 0.1 PSI with a 1,500 PSI rated transducer, and even higher resolution is achievable with a custom order for a lower pressure range transducer.

The Wireless Pressure Transducer can be installed on a well for various purposes, including pressure testing the tubing, back pressure valve, and casing check valve, as well as recording pressure during a dynamometer test. In plunger lift wells, multiple transducers can be installed to monitor casing and separator pressure during plunger tracking tests.


  • Built-in thermistor that measures transducer temperature
  • All pressure measurements temperature compensated


  • 2" O.D. x 8.5"
  • Rated at 1,500 PSI
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