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SBC offers a wide range of rubber and elastomer packings and products to accomodate virtually any well conditions.

Materials include:
  • Super-Econ
  • Hi-Temp
  • Gold Flake (brass impregnated)
  • Loco (teflon impregnated)
  • Rubber graphite and nitrile
Skinner - Cone Packing

Cone Packing

Skinner - Stuffing Box Type B

Stuffing Box Rubber Type B

Skinner - Crown Rings

Crown Rings

Skinner - Blowout Preventer Packing

Blowout Preventer Packing

Skinner - Crown Polishing Rings  Rubber Gold Flake

Crown Polishing Rings Rubber Gold Flake

Skinner - Single Pipe Wiper

Single Pipe Wiper

Related Products

Well Monitoring Equipment used frequently with the Jack Type Box Lubricating Top

Skinner Flow Male Tee

Flow Tee Male

Available in two basic materials, Ductile and Aluminum "Bronze". 

Skinner Pipe Repair Clamps - Emergency Clamps

Emergency Clamp

Pipe Repair Clamps

Skinner Polished Rod Clamps PRC 10T

Polished Rod Clamps

Forged from high-grade, heat treated steel

Skinner Wellhead SBC-92


Meet the rugged standards and specifications


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