LUFKIN Stabilizer Bar

Lufkin stabilizer bars enhance operational efficiency, reduce equipment wear, and improve well performance by maintaining proper alignment of sucker rods during pumping operations.


Specifically Formulated to Extend Runtime on Downhole Pumps, Sinkerbars, & Tubing

LUFKIN Rods KD stabilizer bars are manufactured from the same proven AISI-4720M alloy steel as our full length KD sucker rods. Using the same high-quality standards as our other LUFKIN Rods products, stabilizer bars will help to extend the life of your downhole pump, sinkerbars and tubing.

LUFKIN Rods stabilizer bars are recommended to centralize your pump plunger during the downstroke, reducing drag and lowering the chance of premature wear on pump parts and tubing. LUFKIN Rods stabilizer bars can also reduce buckling tendencies, improving your downhole pump efficiency, resulting in more production.
Available in 30 inch and 48 inch lengths with one Bullet EX guide (30 in) or 3 Bullet EX guides (48 in). Other rod guide designs available upon request.
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