Intelligent Speed Drive XR-1

Protect and Optimize Pumping Unit Assets

Spirit Energy


The SPIRIT XR-1™ is an intelligent adjustable frequency drive, perfect for efficiently controlling Artificial Lift AC motors.

The XR-1 uses innovative technology to convert AC line power to a controlled, variable AC waveform output. Frequency and voltage of the output are regulated to deliver motor speed and torque necessary for optimum system performance. The variable waveform significantly reduces energy consumption of the motor and enhances the efficiency of the pumping system.

When used in conjunction with the SPIRIT GENESIS Intelligent Asset Manager™, the motor speed and torque can be further adjusted by utilization of downhole pump fillage control. Significant asset protection and energy savings can be achieved using real time input from load and position transducers on the pumping unit.

Downhole operating conditions can be further monitored and refined using the intelligent asset management algorithms.

The XR-1 is compatible with other pump off controllers or can operate as a stand-alone.

The XR-1 comes with an unmatched 2 year full replacement warranty that includes lightning strikes and power surges.

Spirit Intelligent Speed Drive XR-1

Key Features

  • Up to 20% reduction in power consumption
  • 2 Year full replacement warranty standard with optional
  • XR-1 can be used on Rod Pumps, PC Pump, ESP pumps or for general pumps such as transfer and injection
  • Advanced drive control features
  • Compact & versatile – portable
  • No dynamic breaking resistor (dbr) needed
  • Can be used with other brand POC’s
  • Backed by the industry’s most qualified local service team


  • Patented energy saving Regen control algorithms
  • Torque & load shedding algorithms
  • Continuous input and output current delivery
  • Harmonic mitigation •
  • Four-quadrant control
  • 200–240 VAC – 380–500 VAC
  • 1–1350 HP capacity
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +50°C
  • Voltage tolerance +/-10%
  • Regulated output frequency and voltage
  • 160% Starting torque capability
  • Optimally sized NEMA Type 3R enclosure
  • Class A2 RFI filter
  • Externally mounted surge arrestor (ANSI/IEEE C62.11-1993)
  • IEEEE519 approved • UL/CUL & CSA listed
Spirit Intelligent Speed Drive XR-1 Controller

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