EcoWell Wireless Load Cell

Suitable for Linear, Hydraulic and Beam pumping units and other applications which require measuring load and/or positions. 


The EcoWell Wireless Loadcell combines advanced circuit board technology with solar and lithium battery power, offering a low-maintenance, eco-friendly wireless solution.

EcoWell’s solar rechargeable battery serves as the primary power supply in the dual power system. The lithium battery is built in as standby power to instantaneously replace the solar rechargeable battery in the event special conditions arise. EcoWell wireless loadcell is adaptable to low working environment temperature (-67°F) outperforming competitive wireless loadcell solutions currently in the market.


  • Dual Power System: Solar as the primary and lithium battery as backup power source.
  • Enhanced battery capacity and state-to-art circuit board management, ensuring broader working temperature range and longer battery life.
  • Load and position signals
  • Seamless integration with existing controller. 
  • Indicators for system status onsite
  • RS232/RS485 Modbus communication for remote monitoring.
  • Horseshoe or U-Shaped load sensor for easy installation.
  • USB port allows to read load, position data and battery voltage.. 


The enhancements made to the solar panel have significantly improved its capability to continuously work in low light working environments. EcoWell has engineered an advanced signal communication range for the wireless load cell providing the customer a much larger and wider working coverage area due to its upgraded signal transmitting strength.

EcoWell provides a variety of products for the market including wireless loadcell kits, wireless loadcell adapters, and wireless load and position integrated kits to meet the specific needs of customers. Load signal outputs are available both in mV and mA, and true position signal output in mV. EcoWell wireless loadcell products seamlessly integrate with all major automation controller products. Accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, EcoWell.
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