Downhole Sand & Solids Separator

Reduces sand and solids contamination

Spirit Energy


In all production, destructive effects of sand, corrosives and other solids severely diminish production and can contribute to increased maintenance costs and unnecessary failures.

SPIRIT’s Sand/Solids Separator uses patented, centrifugal motion that captures sand and solids before they can interfere with rod pump performance.

Then production fluid fills the pump intake and solids are captured in the mud joint.

Run SPIRIT Sand/Solids SeparatorsTM and/or Gas Separators and experience the highest productivity and the fewest pump failures of any

of your producing wells!

Spirit Sand/Solids Separator

Key Features

  • Reduces destructive failures from sand, salt, scale, corrosion, asphalthenes, and other solid contaminants
  • Optimizes downhole pumping for efficiency and longer component life

  • Placed below the rod pump

  • Effectively cleans production fluid of solid contaminants
  • Solids are captured in the mud joint below the pump intake
  • Reduces frequency of pump repair or replacement and stripping jobs

Spirit Separators Reduce

  • Excessive Pump Wear
  • Sticking Plungers
  • Pump Fouling
  • More Frequent Maintenance
  • Surface equipment excessive wear or damage
  • Flow line fouling • Surface Tank capacity SPIRIT separators are manufactured to guarantee success in harsh downhole environments

Available Sizes

  • 3" with 2-7/8" threads
  • 2.5" with 2-3/8" threads
Spirit Sand/Solids Separator

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