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New Drilling Technique (Nitrogen Cap Drilling, NCD).

Recently has been implanted a new drilling technique very different, in which the drilling fluid pumped through the drill pipe doesn’t return to the surface, it is lost to the formation. In the annulus (Drill pipe- Casing, Drill Pipe – Formation) a very viscous fluid is placed (it doesn’t circulate) and an appropriated amount of nitrogen is pumped above this fluid to keep the annular hydrostatic pressure balanced with the formation pressure.


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It is no secret to anyone that working in the oil and gas industry can prove to be really dangerous if proper measures and preventions are not taken. While it is true the saying that "Err is human" or maybe the one that says "From mistakes you learn" on some occasions these "mistakes" can be fatal and therefore, from UPC Global we want you to learn everything you should know about the importance of safety in the oil and gas industry.


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Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas and the fourth most populous in the United States, even if you did not know, it is one of the cities in which more millionaires live and their economic growth progresses rapidly as the years pass with no signs of stopping soon. Our company has a branch in this great city and it is thanks to the fact that as you probably know, Houston is the city where oil is the great engine, it is the oil capital par excellence and, if you are still not aware of it we are going to tell you why.

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