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The result of decades of oil extraction, in addition to favoring the economy, is also expressed through technological advances that have developed around this industry and that have been useful for many other markets or production lines.

In general, everything that it has been designed or invented to meet the need to extract oil, it is considered an advance in the engineering of how to do it better and better, and it is as a result of this process that complete institutions have been created oriented to the investigation and storage of these advances.


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Nodal Analysis applied in oil production wells is one of the most effective ways to obtain accurate results when we want to predict the behavior of production. In this way, we can apply the changes to the system having a high probability that they are correct to obtain an improvement or an increase in the production rate. Based on the reservoir pressure and the operating pressure of some components, applying a Nodal Analysis is essential to calculate losses between two nodes and obtain analysis values that speed up important decision-making when modifying a rig from the producing well.

Continuous Gas Lift: The online course you must take to optimize your Wells

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The world is going through a global crisis caused by a virus that threatens human life, being the most effective weapon against social isolation and distancing, activities that in turn threaten the normal functioning of many jobs, studies, and even the world economy. Many countries have adopted the quarantine modality for the entire population, for this reason, a lot of companies are forced to reorganize and rethink their way of operating to face the situation, in favor of evolution and to win the war against the virus that has already claimed the lives of thousands.

The 3 regions that have been most affected by the fall in oil prices

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In case you were not aware, in the last days (and in the past month) the prices of the barrel of oil have plummeted in a monumental way, as has never been seen in recent years and although there is a great reason why it is not the only one.

Last Monday, March 9, was the day that oil prices suffered their biggest drop since the day in 1991 when United States forces launched airstrikes against Iraq troops after their invasion of Kuwait.

Equipment you need to analyze oil or gas Wells

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Digital data collection technologies have appropriated the industries that drive the economy today. Measuring instruments are becoming more electronic, accurate and manageable, and our products are no exception. They have all been updated to be at the forefront of technology and ensure that our clients have it for their oil production fields, but that is not where our line of action ends since we also offer complete training on each product for your maximum use.

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