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Engr. Sergio Caicedo explains how the Echometer equipment is ideal for estimating the productivity index in intermittent gas lift wells to all engineers, field technicians, supervisors, production operators, students and staff involved in the development and practices of technologies in the solution of operational problems in the area of production of artificial lifting systems.


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In UPC Global, in addition to providing you with the products you need to optimize your oil wells, we are also in favor of teaching you how to use them through short but complete videos so that your operational performance is adequate.

This time we show you how to connect the remote fire gas gun and the pressure transducer using Echometer technology.


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When we mentioned in our latest blog about the online course called Acquisition of information and field data management of fluid levels using ECHOMETER technology, we talked about how important it is for us to now be able to instruct you to become a competent professional.

At UPC Global we believe that “Knowledge is power” being one of the reasons why we decided to open our own learning academy with online courses, In-Company courses, Echometer, technical papers and more; All this with the purpose of taking your UPC skills to the next level.


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As time passes, so does its technology, which makes us improve ourselves more and more as humanity and achieve new goals and dreams that came to be thought that it would not be possible. The new ideas, innovations, creativity, hard work of each person is essential for us to continue achieving great things to facilitate and to make the existence on our planet pleasant.

In UPC Global we are in favor of innovation, that great advances are achieved in all possible aspects of the life of each human being and for that main reason, we made an extraordinary union with URREA Professional Tools to work on your projects and finalize them successfully.


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At UPC Global we made an alliance URREA Professional Tools team to provide you with excellent quality tools at incredible prices so you can perform your operations both outside and within the oil fields with efficiency and performance.

Because they not only serve to carry out operations in the reservoir wells but also to perform any other maintenance work in any department of the operation of the companies, even for everyday life.

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