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3 reasons why you need to take our Continuous Gas Lift online course

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With everything that is currently happening worldwide regarding the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus which unfortunately has claimed thousands of lives around the world, it is important to put everything in perspective and from the comfort of our home contribute to this pandemic stop.

One of the actions to take into account to combat this virus is to stay at home, protect yourself and maintain social distance while applying constant personal hygiene care such as washing your hands for 20 seconds and using an antibacterial gel.

From UPC Global Academy we invite you to make this time at home a productive one by taking one of our most demanding online courses: Continuous Gas Lift. And not only that, we will give you three reasons why you need to take it.

Now, let's show you the reasons:

  • Increase your skills and knowledge: The use of CGL in a non-producing or low production well is a common method of artificial lifting used by oil companies around the world for the extraction of heavy oil, it is known as the most effective of all artificial lifting methods, possibly because it is the closest to natural oil production. The simplicity of operation of artificial lift by injecting gas into the well leads to increased frequency of use as resources in reservoirs become scarce.


The purpose of this course is for you to understand the theoretical foundations of the continuous gas lift and the interrelation of all the components that make up this system. And by knowing all this information you can put it into practice in your operations and correctly optimize the oil wells.


  • Being a benchmark in the oil industry sector as an expert in Continuous Gas Lift: There are many professionals in the industry, we are sure of that, but professionals who really know exactly and effectively implement this type of system are few and you can be one of them.


This method is easy to install, economically feasible, robust, and effective under a wide range of conditions; For this and many reasons from UPC Global Academy we bring you this course that will elevate your skills to the next level allowing you to specifically achieve these objectives:


- Understand the advantages and limitations of the CGL system. Your application window for proper well selection.

- Understand the components of the CGL system and their functions.

- Understand how reservoir conditions (flow, percentage of water, oil gas ratio, PVT properties, viscosity, etc.) and the completion of the well path imposes restrictions on the design and optimization of a CGL system.

- Understand the performance curves of the CGL valve and how to use them.

- Understand the operational variables that affect the performance of CGL.

- Learn the step-by-step design process (selection and dimensioning of equipment) of a CGL system.

- Know the difference between design and analysis optimization.

- Learn about monitoring and basic diagnosis of CGL.


  • You can take it anywhere in the world without leaving home: As we mentioned before, this course methodology provides you with both time flexibility and dynamics since it does not matter what country on the planet you are, place, the clothing you wear, among other factors because the only thing that matters is that you have a good internet connection and why not? A device, be it a laptop or a suitable computer, to make your learning experience more enjoyable.


This type of teaching modality continues to become more relevant as time passes and it can mean significant savings in time and money in accommodation and travel if you do not reside in the place where the course you wish to study is taught.


So it is in your hands, do you want to be an expert in Continuous Gas Lift? The time is now, educate yourself and become the professional you want so much to be.

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