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5 Webinars you cannot miss if you want to be an expert in Artificial Lift

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It is no secret to anyone what is happening in the world today. Many countries have declared themselves in quarantine, many others promote social distancing due to the high and rapid spread of COVID-19, a virus that has cost the lives of thousands of people worldwide and for which there is still no cure or vaccine for preventing it.

Staying at home temporarily either through measures taken by the company where you work or because you will carry out your work from there has become a reality, for this reason, from UPC Global we invite you to make use of this time at home, acquiring new knowledge so that when it is your turn to return to work, carry out your operations efficiently and effectively.

In case you weren't aware, we also have online courses on our UPC Global Academy platform (upcoglobal.com/academy) on Nodal Analysis, Continuous Gas Lift and Echometer Technology and well analysis fundamentals. All these courses are ready so you can begin to educate yourself in the area of Artificial Lifting and make the most of your stay at home.

Below, we present five Free Webinars (some in English and others in Spanish) that you can watch right away if you wish. Spend around 30 or 60 minutes of your day and optimize your knowledge so that you can later optimize your oil or gas wells. Ready to learn? Take a pencil and paper and write down the key points, you can also leave your questions in the Youtube comments section and we will gladly answer them as soon as possible.

5 free webinars that will enrich your skills and take them to the next level

  • WEBINAR: Analysis of Dynamometric Tests with Echometer Equipment (Spanish).


The Analysis of Dynamometric Tests with the Echometer Equipment for the optimization of the oil wells is part of the daily life of the engineer Samantha Perozo (Expert in Artificial Lift), who teaches us point by point how to study and apply the appropriate analyzes with them.


If you like to watch the webinar



  • WEBINAR: Commonly Misunderstood or Unmentioned Nodal Analysis Topics


In this edition, Engineer Sergio Caicedo, an expert in artificial lift systems, clarifies various details and concepts of nodal analysis that usually create confusion and controversy, such as the uncertainty in the nodal, the stability, the nodal of an injector well, among others.


It is intended for all engineers, field technicians, supervisors, production operators, students, and staff involved in the development and practice of technologies in solving operational problems in the area of artificial lift systems production.


Put these teachings into practice by Engr. Sergio, who apart from being one of our best-prepared experts is the director of our Online Learning Academy.


If you like to watch the webinar




  • WEBINAR: Echometer for the Estimation of the Productivity Index in Intermittent Gas Lift Wells (Spanish).


Once again, Engineer Sergio Caicedo takes the baton when exposing the topics that engineers, operated and technicians are most interested in learning today. Caicedo explains in detail how to correctly use the Echometer equipment to estimate the productivity index in intermittent gas lift wells.


In a Webinar that lasts less than an hour, you can clarify all your doubts and take some of the most awaited knowledge by the oil industries today.


If you like to watch the webinar




  • WEBINAR: EIPR Enriched Curves for simultaneous selection of target production and pump depth (Spanish).


In this edition, Engineer Sergio Caicedo talks about how the EIPR curves easily allow the simultaneous selection of the target flow and the depth of adjustment of the pump while viewing the free gas conditions in a single graph, which avoids the process Trial and error showing in a simple way the most realistic application window of the method.


If you like to watch the webinar




  • WEBINAR: Frequent errors during data acquisition with Echometer


In this edition, Engr. Samantha Perozo explains in detail the mistakes that are usually made when acquiring data from Echometer equipment.


This is one of the most important webinars because it is the one that allows you to learn how to perform your well analysis correctly and therefore apply the solutions appropriately.

If you like to watch the webinar




Now, these are not all the Webinars we have on our YouTube channel, we have many more that we know you will not lose sight of. If you want to tune in a live one, remember that every month we have one, you just have to be attentive on our social media platforms to find out.

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