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Benefits of the Echometer wireless well analyzer

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Today there are several types of equipment and tools that allow you to make a study and analysis of the condition of your oil well, how is its performance, what may be failing, among other diagnoses that may indicate the state of your productivity.

At UPC Global we have a series of products that will undoubtedly optimize the productivity of your oil or gas well. With the new Echometer technology provided by our allies “Echometer Company” (and us) which is a Texas-based corporation dedicated to the supply of instruments, technology, and training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil, water, and gas wells; We have managed to position ourselves worldwide in the oil sector, which is currently still the most important in the world and which governs most of our economy.

This time we are going to talk about one of our product that is leading today when it comes to the analysis of wells in large oil fields, the Wireless Echometer Analyser.

This Echometer equipment allows the simultaneous acquisition of fluid levels, dynamometric data, pressure recording controlled by the TAM software and the computer. The location of the GPS well site is connected to the USB port of the computer and communicates with all wireless sensors that include:

  • Wireless Remote Fire Gas Gun (WRFG).
  • Wireless 5000 PSI Gas Gun (W5KG).
  • Wireless Polished Rod Transducer (WPRT).
  • Wireless 30K Horse Shoe Transducer (WHT30K).
  • Wireless 50K Horse Shoe Transducer (WHT50K).
  • Wireless Pressure Sensor (WPT).
  • Wireless Power Current Voltage Tranducer (WPP).
  • Fixed Power Adaptor.


Wireless well analyzer for increased productivity

One of its great benefits is that the data captured with this equipment will allow you to analyze the levels of fluids that occur in gas or oil wells and determine the actions to bring it to maximum productivity.

The wireless sensors have been designed with state-of-the-art microchips to achieve low noise, high accuracy and resolution with minimal energy use for a long service life of rechargeable batteries. A typical range of more than 400 feet has been achieved in the vast majority of facilities, which is not the case with other types of similar equipment.

The wireless configuration and installation of the sensor are done efficiently by using the control buttons and LED screens, mounted on the sensor body, which are used to turn on, adjust and calibrate the sensors when they are installed in the mouth of the sensor well without having to see the computer screen.

Special features of the wireless well analyzer

The benefits of this equipment go hand in hand with the features it offers, because thanks to them you will be able to obtain the efficiency that you are searching for your well through fluid levels, dynamometric data, pressure records and data analysis that it allows to study.

Its most important characteristics are the following:

  • Improved Experience at Well.
  • Easier and Faster Installation.
  • Easier Software Navigation.
  • GPS for Automatic Well Selection.
  • Simultaneous Fluid Level and Dynamometer.
  • Safer Operation.
  • Enhanced Analysis Options.
  • Real-Time Surface and Pump Dynamometer.
  • Real-Time Pump Animation.
  • Flexible Dynamometer and Acoustic Overlays.
  • Dynamometer Playback and Video Generation.


Wireless Equipment for Well Monitoring


There are many types of equipment to monitor your oil wells that together with the wireless well analyzer you will be able to optimize them safely. Some of these wireless sensors, as we mentioned earlier are:

  • Wireless Gas Gun: This wireless gas gun uses a high-performance microphone with excellent signal reception, along with a 12 cubic inch volume camera.
  • 5000 PSI Wireless Gas Gun: This 5000 PSI gas gun operates manually and is ideal for use with gas lift systems and wells with high pressure.
  • Wireless Polished Rod Transducer: This famous transducer obtains dynamometer data, which is really accurate for most pump unit analyzes with a minimum of effort.
  • Wireless Horseshoe Dynamometer Transducer: The transducer is designed to facilitate the installation of the load cell and eliminate measurement errors caused by pump spacing.

To know more about this instrument, we invite you to visit upcoglobal.com and know this and many others that we have available, because when it comes to optimizing oil wells, at UPC Global we are the ones to help you do it, for something our mission It's to provide advanced technical support to our clients in the field of artificial lifting systems, thus optimizing oil production, improving best practices and promoting safe working conditions and backed by our team of specialists.

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