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Equipment you need to analyze oil or gas Wells

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Digital data collection technologies have appropriated the industries that drive the economy today. Measuring instruments are becoming more electronic, accurate and manageable, and our products are no exception. They have all been updated to be at the forefront of technology and ensure that our clients have it for their oil production fields, but that is not where our line of action ends since we also offer complete training on each product for your maximum use.

To know what equipment you need in your field of production, you can go to www.upcoglobal.com, enter the product category and there you will see them. You will know them all, with their respective technical sheets and explanations about their operation. It is possible to summarize that all of them were created for the complete analysis of the production, so you must be very clear about the objectives and the project budget for the selection of appropriate equipment that will help you maintain stable production and improve it. Without forgetting to have a great team of engineers added to the complete set of data collection equipment. All this with the purpose of boosting your oil production to the maximum.

In an oil well using artificial lift methods, equipment will always be essential to collect data on working conditions, pressure in the field, production efficiency, equipment loads and, in general, the performance of the oil or gas well.

At UPC Global, we have the EQ1060, a well analyzer and manufactured by ECHOMETER

Which is an integrated system for data acquisition in artificial lift. Robust and elegant shockproof case with fairly operator-friendly software, installed on a laptop with enough features to ensure rapid reading of data and obtaining results that allow analysis and diagnosis of production. The well analyzer uses TWM (Total Well Management) software with which it is possible to perform acoustic tests of fluid level measurements and BHP calculations, calculate the percentage of foam in the well, perform analysis of dynamometric, power and current tests, among other applications. The acquired and analyzed data can be easily archived and sent or extracted from the equipment using an internet connection or removable memory. The EQ1060 is one of the equipments that you should definitely buy if you want to be on top of technology for oil well optimization.

It is well known that you need an analyzer to study and improve your production, but to get the most out of this equipment you also need the best in sensors and meters; installation equipment in the well that converts physical phenomena into electrical signals to be reflected and used by the software or data collection equipment you have.

Also, it is possible that the measurement of the fluid level in the well is the most precise number that you should be able to know and if so, we recommend the use of gas pistols, whether manual, automatic, wireless or up to 15,000 PSI. This measuring instrument is installed directly in the well. It generates pressure pulses that travel along the tube and these pulses generate sound waves bouncing off the fluid and the well's walls, which are received by an integrated microphone that translates them into electrical pulses, which give a level reading in the TWM or data acquisition equipment you use. The guns work with gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas, compressed in tanks up to 15,000 PSI. Since the sizes of the tanks are standardized, their pressure and volume depend on the depth of the well, and this is because the pulses must travel as deep as possible in order to obtain more accurate data on the level of fluid in the well.

In addition to the well analyzer, we also have specialized equipment for receiving acoustic signals, ideal for working with all available models of gas pistols. We also have analog equipment such as the Model M, and digital equipment such as the Model H, both equipment as well as the Well Analyzer were designed in special cases to withstand demanding and routine working conditions, easy to transport and maneuver.

The M model works with two measurement channels

Filter the signals received by the microphone integrated into the gas gun and converts them into representative curves of the level and anomalies in the well. These curves are printed by the team to be analyzed and transported.

On the other hand, the H model is digital equipment that receives the signals from the gas gun and reflects them on an integrated screen, where they can be analyzed on-site. In our product catalog, you can see which gas guns are compatible with each one of the acoustic measurement models since each has different operating limits and is suitable for specific cases.

Regarding the way of transmitting the data, the wireless sensors need reception equipment and communication with the data collection software. For this, ECHOMETER designed the base station, a device manufactured with the highest technology of integrated for Wireless communication, with a robust design and a range of up to 450 feet for data reception and GPS location of wells, allowing measurements and calibration of sensors through TAM software.

The truth is that with each passing day the technology gets even better and along with it the equipment for the analysis of oil wells. As a company we always go further and providing you with solutions to optimize your oil wells is our mission.

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