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Improve Efficiency, Safety, and Code-Compliance with Profire Burner Management System

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In UPC Global our mission is to TRANSCEND and we know that one of the ways to do it is through education and teaching, which we love to do and in which fortunately we stand out. Because not only our focus is to provide oil companies with equipment for prompt optimization, but also to educate their staff or anyone involved to perform their work efficiently.

Watch this video and learn how to improve efficiency, security and code compliance with the Profire Burner management system.

It is responsible for controlling the temperature and the process, controlling the valve and pressure control by programmable setpoints. Meets modern safety standards (CAN and USA) for use with closed tubes and burners.

By monitoring the state of the burner flame, it guarantees effective temperature management and guarantees reliable ignition by helping to optimize operations in the oil fields.

The PF2100 is an advanced burner management system capable of managing a wide range of natural draft burner applications, including:

  • Amine Reboilers
  • Tank heaters
  • Separators
  • Treaters
  • Dehydrators
  • Line heaters
  • Combustors and Incinerators
  • Production units


Webinar: Improve Efficiency, Safety, and Code-Compliance with Profire Burner Management Systemls

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