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Keys to optimizing the mechanical pumping systems production

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Every oil company worldwide is in the continuous search to optimize its oil wells with the best equipment, strategies or methodology to reach the expected production standards. At Unlimited Petroleum Consulting (UPC Global) it is just what we want the oil companies to do, to evolve and bring their oil fields to maximum productivity. Our services range from complete engineering, advanced optimization, and problem solving methods through the use of Echometer technology for any type of oil well to the development of competent professionals in artificial lift systems to provide learning based on the needs of our customers.


So, when we talk about mechanical pumping, we consider that it is of great importance to implement it as an artificial lift system of the deposits since with the correct application of this, the fluid that is in the well and that due to the lack of energy that may occur it can't climb to the surface, go up. It is for this reason that it is considered one of the most used artificial lift methods in the world, to be exact it has between 80% and 90% preference.

Another important aspect to take into account about the importance of mechanical pumping is that it is used mainly worldwide in the production of heavy and extra heavy crudes and the only way in which it is not recommended is for diverted wells or when production of solids or the gas/liquid ratio are very high, and is because it greatly affects the efficiency of the pump.


The main keys for the production optimization of mechanical pumping systems are the following:


Determine which are the most relevant data: 

For diagnosis and optimization, the information of the surface unit, its manufacturer, API designation, crank and counterweight data, rotation direction, and stroke must be determined; It is also important to check the updated mechanical condition of the well; rod string information; reservoir data such as its pressure and bubble point pressure; the data of the level of fluid or pwf (in case of having them of course); the dynamometer chart; the existing operating conditions and the current production or what is expected to be obtained.

Use the corresponding software to analyze the information obtained:

It is necessary to implement a series of software to efficiently carry out the optimization of the well in which the mechanical pumping will be applied. These can be the Total Well Management (TWM) or the Total Asset Monitor (TAM) of Echometer Company and the Theta Suite (XDIAG, XBAL, RODSTAR, XTOOLS). The aforementioned series of software is of the latest technology for the analysis of wells, to develop diagnoses, complete the design of the pumping units and of course optimize production.


Obtaining results: 

Thanks to the implementation of mechanical pumping as an artificial lift system, the pump's submergence can be known; workloads at the level of the string of loops, the gearbox, engine and structure; the operating conditions of the pump; the operation predictions of the equipment when applying their respective adjustments and establishing pertinent recommendations to optimize the efficiency of the system.


What are the advantages of applying an artificial lift system by mechanical pumping?


The advantages of using the system of artificial lift by mechanical pumping are many, it is for something that is the favorite of most oil companies to use, and among them we can find the following:

Putting into practice the mentioned keys to optimize both heavy and light oil fields, actions for the optimization of short-term production can be defined, including proposing new ones to improve the design of artificial lift for future services.


    • Ease of operation and maintenance.
    • It is suitable for all types of applications, that is, heavy, extra heavy and light crude.
    • Its operation is throughout the life of the oil well.
    • It is capable of pumping the well when it has a very low inlet pressure in order to have maximum production.
    • It is the most efficient system for artificial lift.
    • When working with high temperatures, it tolerates them.
    • In case of lack of electricity, gas engines can be used as primary movers.
    • The pump can be used with the control off to minimize fluid load, electricity costs, and rod failures.
    • For dynamometric analyzes for system optimization, computers with the corresponding technologies can be used.
    • They are available in different sizes.
    • Well production can be managed with steam injection.

These are some of its main advantages and although some are missing to mention, it is demonstrated why it is one of the most used systems worldwide.


The application of mechanical pumping has been essential for the oil industry because thanks to it the deposits that have low pressure or simply do not have the energy to raise their fluids with this artificial lift system can do so. The goal or rather, the objective will always be to obtain the greatest amount of hydrocarbons from the well and thus satisfy the demand by increasing its productivity.

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