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Meet John G. Svinos: Expert and founder of Theta Software Suite

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At UPC Global we always focus on learning and boosting our skills to the highest level and that is why when it comes to well optimization it is where we stand out from the rest. Because of this we must keep updated when new technologies arise that are focused on optimizing the oil fields to perform our work as we have always done. From UPC Global we would like you to meet John G. Svinos who is the expert and founder of Theta Software Suite, famous for his great knowledge in Artificial Lift and his contributions to the oil industry.

Who is John G. Svinos?

John G. Svinos, is the creator of the Theta Suite, one of the most globally used and known platforms for well analysis.

He has a master's in Mechanical Engineering, more than 36 years of experience in the Rod Pumping Systems Optimization field and 34 years as an instructor, being an internationally renowned figure in the industry. He has trained thousands of production engineers, operators, foremen and production directors around the world.

Also, John has just completed the industry’s first eBook on Rod Pumping Optimization now available on Apple’s iBooks store titled “Practical Rod Pumping Optimization”.

John G. Svinos founded the company E8 LLC in April 2012. E8 provides training and consulting services to the oil industry in the area of rod pumping technology. John G. Svinos founded E8 LLC after taking early retirement from Theta Oilfield Services, Inc. He founded Theta Enterprises, Inc. in 1989. John sold Theta Enterprises, Inc. to Norris Sucker Rods (a subsidiary of Dover, Corporation) in 2007.

After the acquisition by Norris the company was renamed Theta Oilfield Services, Inc. Theta, under John’s leadership, developed the leading rod pumping system design RODSTAR software, the first Expert Diagnostic software XDIAG which is used in Theta’s XSPOC automation, and the first patented Artificial Intelligence design software XROD.

In current time, John G. Svinos continues to work for Theta as a consultant and is actively involved in the development of Theta’s software programs RODSTARXDIAGXRODXTOOLSXANIMATE, and XSPOC.

Nowadays, John G. Svinos continues to work for Theta as a consultant and is actively involved in the development of Theta’s software programs RODSTAR, XDIAG, XROD, XTOOLS, XANIMATE, and XSPOC.

Why is he known for?

He is known for his advanced training courses where he’ll strengthen your professional abilities in a comprehensive manner around Rod Pumping System optimization, being the key topics about:

  • Maximizing System efficiency, decreasing the failure rate.
  • Increase in Production.
  • System Diagnose and Optimal Response time.
  • Use of modern technology (suite Theta) to diagnose, simulate and design.

Specifically, he taught about:

  • How to Optimize, Design and Redesign Rod Pumping Systems.
  • To use the integrated Suite (software: RODSTAR, XDIAG, XBAL y XTOOLS) from Theta Oil Services, as the most highly effective and specialized tool for Production Optimization in SRP.
  • Diagnose Surface and downhole well-operating conditions, identifying the failure causes in order to increase the “run life” of your equipment.
  • Implement effective action plans to decrease the failure rate in the pump system.
  • Optimize installation of centralizers in deviated Wells.
  • Decrease operational costs by optimizing your lift system and avoiding well interventions (workover rigs).
  • Identify opportunities for production and recovery factor increases.

About Rod Pumping Optimization Software

It is the latest technology software to analyze wells, perform diagnostic performance, complete design of pumping units, and complete production optimization.

Within the software offered by the Suite Theta package, we can find RODSTAR, XDIAG, XBAL, and XTOOLS as we mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

RODSTAR: Is the only predictive and design software of its kind to automatically design optimized steel, Corod, fiberglass, or carbon fiber rod strings for you in seconds with the wave equation.

It can recommend the pumping unit and motor size you need and can simulate NEMA D or Ultra High Slip motors. Also, it can calculate the cost of the rod string and pumping unit. You only need to enter the cost values once and you can easily update these values at any time. The rod string cost, along with the monthly electricity bill that RODSTAR calculates, allows you to better compare system designs.

XDIAG: Is a revolutionary new diagnostic and analysis software that combines state-of-the-art expert system and pattern recognition technology with accurate wave equation diagnostic modeling. XDIAG uses exact pumping unit kinematics to analyze any available pumping unit geometry and can determine the pump condition, pump friction, fluid level, pump intake pressure, fluid production, pump filling, and net pump displacement by combining your downhole pump card shape with its built-in expert knowledge and pattern recognition techniques. It can also use IPR data to calculate additional possible production.

XBAL: Using XBAL is the easiest, accurate, faster, and safer way to balance pumping units. Are you spending a lot of money and time balancing pumping units? Do you want to minimize the time and expense required? Do you want to eliminate the field measurement of the counterbalance effect? Do you want to eliminate the risk of injury or equipment damage when chaining off the unit? Do you want to eliminate the guesswork of adding or removing counterweights? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then XBAL is the tool you need.

XTOOLS: XTOOLS compliments XROD, RODSTAR, RODDIAG, and XDIAG and allows you to quickly calculate important system parameters for even better system design.

Undoubtedly, John G. Svinos has managed in his long career to contribute in an important way in regard to Artificial Lift systems becoming an eminence when it comes to the subject. From UPC Global we are and will very grateful for his work.

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