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Suite Theta to take your oil or gas wells to the next level

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From our beginnings to the present day (and in the future), at UPC Global we are dedicated to offering a series of software solutions that make your artificial lifting systems more efficient, reliable and productive.

We are a leading consulting company that provides strategic solutions in the area of Artificial Lift and Production Optimization. Our dedication to quality has made us a prestigious company as a provider of services and products both in Latin America and in the world.

With our allies of Apergy and Theta Oilfield Services, we increase the production of your oil or gas wells to the next level with the most advanced software for the design of mechanical pumping systems focused on the automation of oil fields, leading the industry in the optimization of rod pumping and design software.

Knowing that with its correct application you can optimize the efficiency of the oil well lifting system, identify well failures and reduce operating costs. These being the main objectives to always want to achieve for each company in the field, are we right?

Next, you will learn how each Suite Theta software works so you can convince yourself of why you should implement them in your wells once and for all.


It is a comprehensive well management system that fully integrates all of Theta's software. It uses modern communication technologies to link data in real-time with Theta's powerful diagnostic and design tools. This software is no longer just for pump controllers, it is now compatible with other wellhead devices, including submersibles and flow controllers.


It is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software that allows you to design mechanical pumping systems with minimal effort. This program makes it very easy and incredibly fast to design a new mechanical pumping system or simulate an existing one. With XROD-V only the pump depth and the target production rate are entered and the program automatically calculates the complete system (SPM pump speed, piston diameter, pipe diameter, pump unit, and engine).

This software uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide the best and most accurate design for non-diverted mechanical pumping systems.


It is characterized by being precise, fast and safe to balance the pumping units. If you are spending a lot of money and time balancing the pumping units or want to reduce cost and time, eliminate the measures of the field in the counterbalance effect, eliminate the risk of injury or damage to the equipment when chaining the unit, eliminate the uncertainty of the work required to add or eliminate counterbalances, then the XBAL is software that you definitely need.


It is a software to design rod strings with steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber automatically in seconds by means of the wave equation.

You can make recommendations for the pumping unit, engine size and simulate NEMA D or Ultra High Slip engines. In addition, you can calculate the cost of the rod string and the pumping unit. The user must only enter the values that he can update at any time. The cost of the rod string, together with the monthly electricity consumption that RODSTAR calculates, allows you to make a comparison of the system designs.


There are complements RODSTAR, XROD and XDIAG and allows you to quickly calculate important system parameters with which you can further improve the final design.

The XTOOLS software has a unique interface that allows you to easily select the module you want. You can open several modules simultaneously and each of these has its own impression. This software also gives you the possibility to perform these calculations in different measurement systems such as English, Canadian and the metric system.


It is a revolutionary software for the diagnosis of mechanical pumping systems that combines an expert system and pattern recognition technology with the exact diagnosis through wave equation modeling. Also the exact kinematics of the pumping unit that allows you to analyze any geometry of the pumping unit.

XDIAG says in words what the condition of the pump is and calculates the fluid level, pump inlet pressure (PIP), pump friction and the net displacement of the pump based on the shape of the background chart. It also uses IPR data (if available) for additional available production if it is produced to the maximum or if an established target PIP is reached.

In UPC Global we want to be part of the change that you give to your oil or gas fields by providing you with products and services that bring them back to life with force and without any errors, because of that if we are sure, they will be optimized to 100 %.


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