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Unlimited Petroleum Consulting: Reinvention and Innovation for oil well optimization and global growth

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In Unlimited Petroleum Consulting (UPC Global) we are leaders in consulting where we provide strategic solutions in the area of ​​artificial lift survey and well optimization for the oil and gas industry. For more than 15 years and with businesses in more than 36 countries, we have established ourselves as experts dedicated in the supply of software and hardware such as xdiag, xspoc, xrod, xval, rodstar and xtools as well as providing training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil and gas wells using a computerized instrument call Echometer. We always look to reinvent ourselves at every moment with the technological advances in our field and thus keeping ourselves strong over time.


It’s no secret to anyone that nowadays the oil industry continues to have the focus of attention of all nations thanks to what it means for the people, dominating worldwide and remaining the most profitable and productive industry above all. Thanks to it, technology has evolved, jobs have increased, industrial energy and endless products that we use in our daily lives; therefore we could say that it is for it that the world would not be what it is today.

Oil fields technological changes and alliances globally

In a world that is constantly changing, innovation is what moves us, which makes us stand out from the rest, making our global performance considered as one of the best.

At UPC Global our mission is focused on satisfying our customers, providing integrated solutions for the oil and industrial sector. Ensuring exclusive alliances with leading technology companies and offering quality services, supported by a qualified team of specialists in each area of well optimization. From our 4 operational bases in North America (US) and Latin America (Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia) we are always at the forefront to apply our knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to working with companies such as Theta Oilfield Services Inc., IHS Energy Solutions, C-FER Technologies, and Echometer Company, we handle the commercialization of suction rods and well completion equipment for the oil industry, SHA services based on regulations stipulated both nationally and internationally, covering all that concerns the optimization of oil wells.

Vision as a boost to growth your oil production

From our beginnings, we have sought to consolidate ourselves as leaders in the field of oil production worldwide and although thankfully we have achieved it, we continue betting tirelessly to grow even more, always looking for global expansion; guaranteeing the occupational safety and health of our team and our collaborators. We believe that for our timely growth there is no better way to achieve it than with a responsible, trained team that feels love for what it does; Without these qualities, we would not be what we are today and we would not continue to reinvent ourselves every day.


Thanks to our extensive track record and the trust that our loyal customers have placed in us, we have become benchmarks in both the old and new continents when it comes to providing services ranging from oil fields information acquisition and well optimization analysis to specialized training and telemetry for oil production ; but it is not only our services that make us stand out, it is also the diversity of products we offer for the analysis and optimization of oil wells, being our star product the Echometer, which is a computerized instrument for the acquisition of fluid levels, acoustic pressure, transient pressure, and dynamic letters; as well as the software and hardware we supply.

To optimize your oil production is our main goal with the purpose of training in the areas of hydrocarbon production, in addition to geology, reservoir, design and wells construction, without forgetting the management for oil and gas extraction, always based on providing a top performance; all this with the objective of contributing to increase the recovery of the deposits in a safe, profitable manner and maintaining the highest safety standards.

It should be noted that for several years, at UPC Global we have actively participated in the oil market. Each year that passes the update of our training programs is essential to adapt to new technologies, advances, and information that as time goes by emerge; as well as adjusting our courses and workshops to the needs our clients may present. We are dedicated to impart knowledge and training by qualified engineers, to prepare the human resource to perform effectively and efficiently in the areas of production by natural flow and especially in artificial lifting anywhere in the world.


The teaching of oil production optimization has become a fundamental pillar for each specialist inside and outside our organization, who apart from nurturing knowledge to those who teach, they fulfill their operational roles as practitioners, always getting involved in current and future projects of our company. We support that the field is never abandoned because thanks to it, we are who we are and we do what we do.

Our philosophy about engineering training courses is that quality, perseverance and the desire to encourage our clients to become experts must always be mastered, with specialized exercises ranging from manual calculations to interactive software packages; meaning, we cover everything so the domain of the activity to be carried out be excellent.

At UPC Global we do not forget what people mean to us, both our workers and family members and the community in general, we love to get involved with personal growth, recreation and educational contributions we can provide to students; After all, they are the future and if we can contribute a great deal to their learning and their dreams we will do it.

The world continues moving forward and with it our desire to grow, because we do not only bet on the gas and oil industry with the great benefits it offers but also the people, who with vision, desire and effort can achieve great exceptional changes and contributions for the future.

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