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UPC Global is now a Schlumberger company distributor for USA

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For us as a company, talking about growth means something that we always bet on and aspire to because it is in our root to be able to stand out in the sector in which we operate and providing new job opportunities for engineers around the country. For this reason, we want to inform you about our new business unit with Schlumberger-Kudu.



Now, we operate in Greeley, Colorado as the sole Schlumberger - Kudu merchant for the 48 states of the United States of America. Providing them with field service, preventative maintenance, and new products from the Schlumberger-Kudu Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) and Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) equipment portfolio.

In addition to this, our experts in artificial lift systems will work for hand in hand with the same field technicians trained by Schlumberger-Kudu to provide optimized service.

We continue to grow and expand our portfolio of services and products without letting adversities and world events affect us.

From UPC Global we feel very grateful and humbled to be the only company in America which is an official Schlumberger-Kudu distributor. Remember, with dedication and perseverance, everything is possible.

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