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URREA Professional Tools: To facilitate and optimize your operations

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As time passes, so does its technology, which makes us improve ourselves more and more as humanity and achieve new goals and dreams that came to be thought that it would not be possible. The new ideas, innovations, creativity, hard work of each person is essential for us to continue achieving great things to facilitate and to make the existence on our planet pleasant.

In UPC Global we are in favor of innovation, that great advances are achieved in all possible aspects of the life of each human being and for that main reason, we made an extraordinary union with URREA Professional Tools to work on your projects and finalize them successfully.

Where can I find URREA tools?

The URREA catalog 2020 can be found at upcoglobal.com/store where you can locate the tool or tools, equipment, clothing, and other products so that you can finally perform your operations efficiently.

The URREA 2020 tools catalog shows more than a thousand instruments that can be yours within the reach of a click; such as tools for cars and trucks, pneumatic air, controllers, pipes, torque, diagnostic and miscellaneous. Without forgetting the URREA brand key sets such as mechanical, industrial, tube, impact wrenches, sanding discs, imp socket assembly, among others. And that's not all, we not only provide you with tools but also URREA footwear, faucets, service to URREA distributors, metal toolbox and many other products.

Learn a little more about URREA Professional Tools

URREA's current manufacturing facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico, with an insightful engineering and production staff manufacture professional quality tools for export worldwide. With the use of the latest design and manufacturing technologies, they guarantee precision and quality to provide you with the best tools and equipment available, all this thanks to the always search to perfect each item. URREA tools have become a must-have for any type of work in any type of industry, homes or mechanical workshops.

Each of URREA's tools is made of special, microalloyed and machined steel with state-of-the-art equipment, which is tested and inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process to meet or exceed all established ANSI, US FEDERAL specifications. UU. And SAE.

In addition, the manufacturing plant obtained the ISO-9001 certification and that is not the best part, you will not have to wait for your tool for a long period of time because URREA professional tools are available for immediate delivery at your local distributor.

Which companies use URREA tools?

There are many companies and industries that use URREA professional tools such as those in the automotive, aviation, electronics, gas and oil sectors and industries in general.

From the automotive sector, we can name John Deere, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, GM, Honda, Ford, BMW, Chrysler, Cummins, Bridgestone Firestone, Daimler, and Kenworth.

Of the aviation, we find that Aeromexico, Bombardier and Interjet prefer to use these tools than those of other brands, according to testimonials.

The oil industries such as PEMEX, Latina, and Halliburton and also ICA, Whirlpool, Madisa CAT, Grupo Cars and Grupo Modelo S.A. They do not belong to this sector in the same way they give testimonies that use them.

And if this doesn't convince you, we don't know what it will do. What is certain is that once you acquire URREA tools you will not want to have others that are not of these.

At UPC Global we focus on offering you the best in the hands of the best and that is why our new alliance with URREA Professional Tools. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to selling our Echometer technology equipment to optimize your oil wells through artificial lifting and to provide you with specialized consultancies and training through in-company and online courses, but also to offer you the tools that can both improve the operational performance of your wells, procedures in machinery or automobiles, as well as the possibility that you have everything in order in your home.

Our daily mission is to focus on reaching further and providing solutions that go beyond what we are proudly recognized around the world, opting to cover more fields and expand our range of products and services in order to meet the needs of all those people who are in the operational area. And as we have mentioned before, the URREA professional tools are not only limited to the industries but also you can have them in your home.

If you want to know more information about the URREA tools we offer, go to upcoglobal.com/store and do not hesitate to contact us at our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our telephone number (281) 644-0302.

The excellent performance of your operational tasks and personal projects is in your hands and with the URREA professional tools, we know that your work will have the results you were waiting for.

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