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Why buy Echometer equipment?

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The real question would be why not? Echometer equipment is currently preferred to use if you want to increase the production of your oil wells and that friend, is an undeniable fact.

When an oil well is installed and there are problems to cover the previously estimated or calculated production rate, specialized Echometer equipment can be used to carry out an accurate analysis of the well, in which the reservoir pressure may not be sufficient to eject the fluids to the surface, so it is practical to use this type of technology, such as Total Well Management Software (TWM), designed for a wireless oil and gas well analyzer, which is the one to help determine if It is necessary to apply Artificial Survey methods, however, Echometer equipment is often used in natural flowing wells, where wireless data acquisition is important to verify the state of the production of the reservoir and with this to be able to apply methods that help optimization from the well.

All Echometer equipment is precisely and robustly designed to perform well analysis and diagnostics, taking into account different types of pumping. There are equipment for wells that operate with electro-submersible pumping or sub-floor pumps for wells that use progressive cavity pumping and with any other type of mechanical pumping, in addition, at UPC Global we provide equipment that makes it possible for operators to make complete designs of pumping systems and production optimization, as well as the acquisition for the interpretation of dynamometric measurements.

The Echometer instruments, as we mentioned before, help the operator, technician or production engineer to determine how the bottom flow pressure of the oil well is, the pressure of the casing, help prevent BOP blowouts, have an intelligent controller fund for determine the depth of the well and its performance, among other functions.

The great benefits of these analysis tools are multiple but the main one is to support the optimization of the production of oil wells having as a great advantage that the data obtained is in real-time, allowing this to carry out a state study of the site as accurate as possible.

At UPC Global we have all the equipment that will finally see the fruits you want so much for your oil fields.

We work collaboratively with suppliers to offer you the necessary equipment to develop any production optimization project regardless of the type of pumping system. We handle American products, which guarantees high quality, safety, and good price. In addition, we offer you to adjust to your budget and type of project required.

The optimization of production with these tools is guaranteed, to learn how to use them or provide training to your group of experts, just contact our UPC academy. In addition, we have specialists prepared by Echometer in the use of their equipment, in order to impart such information so that more companies in the field know the capabilities of these new technologies, and can discover through them the potential of their producing wells in an accurate and professional way.

Brief description of our Echometer equipment

At UPC Global, we provide you with equipment that can help you save maintenance costs and purchase of pumping equipment, we also have cutting-edge gas separators designed to optimize the gas separation of the liquid that enters the pump from the producing well; made of carbon steel or stainless steel and of relatively compact dimensions for worldwide shipments when it is 2 / 8¨ the weight is 46 lbs. (25.4 Kg) and ships in a package with approximate dimensions of 5.5 feet long.

Having a highly efficient gas separator is essential to maintain the life of any type of pump used in wells with mechanical pumping, avoids the cavitation produced by the liquid-gas mixture when using artificial lifting methods with natural gas, filling incomplete pump significantly reduces well production. You can contact us to put all the technical data of this and other equipment that could help optimize your production, whether of gas or oil, within your company's reach.

We know that you do not have our entire range of equipment (we hope we are wrong), Echometer manufactures gas guns, which are used to determine the measurement of fluid levels and consist of an integrated gas unit and microphone.

We also provide you with transducer equipment to measure pressure, temperature, load, acceleration, and power, measured directly on the transmission rod in mechanical pumping with rocker arm. These are horseshoe-type and send through a wireless station to the data acquisition team.

Another of Echometer's acquisition equipment is the so-called Model M, which is an analog and robust instrument, easy to transport and high quality.

In its entirety, the range of products to take your oil wells to the next level can be yours and if you do not take and put into practice the reasons we gave you to optimize them is your decision, don't say we don't inform you about it.

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