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Why choose URREA bearing separator and everything you need to know about this tool

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At UPC Global we made an alliance URREA Professional Tools team to provide you with excellent quality tools at incredible prices so you can perform your operations both outside and within the oil fields with efficiency and performance.

Because they not only serve to carry out operations in the reservoir wells but also to perform any other maintenance work in any department of the operation of the companies, even for everyday life.

When we talk about the bearing separator we mean a tool designed to remove gears from the generator and tapered bearings. One of the great reasons why we recommend using it is because its design allows them to reach places where jaw extractors cannot. The angle of fixation of its internal faces helps to hold and remove bearings without causing any damage. It is really easy to place it behind the part that needs adjustment or removal and this ensures a good grip, even if the available space is narrow. The micro-alloy steel forcing screw offers a perfect fit for the object to be removed. The separation base fits parts where a conventional extractor simply cannot reach and the adjusting nut controls the separation of the base.

All URREA traction tools have a sturdy nickel-chrome coating. The tweezers have a paint coating to prevent corrosion and in turn have the country of origin permanently and indelibly stamped on each tool, reinforcing its high-quality image.

This tool meets the standards of American and European national and international bearing separators, as we said before, they are designed to remove gears and bearings. Its design allows them to reach parts in very small spaces where jaw extractors do not fit.

Its internal faces are angled for a better grip of the bearing, which reduces the risk of damaging the part that is removed. They are easy to place on the back of the piece to hold and grab a base area even in very small spaces, as mentioned earlier.

This tool cannot be missing in any industry regardless of the field to which it belongs due to the facilities and solutions it provides in the operational part.

As we not only want to show you the performance of this tool

We will show you how to use it through different simple steps, so take a sheet and pencil or better, save this blog article in your favorite bar so that when you need the information you'll have it at hand.

You should know that removing a press or a tight bearing is almost impossible without the right tool so here is the steps to do the task correctly.

First step

Start the task by selecting the bearing separator of the correct size where it will be applied. You should know that they come in different sizes for different uses. If your bearing is adjusted to another surface, you must locate the coupling space and open the bearing extractor wide enough to surround it.

Second step

As you tighten the nuts on the bearing puller, the tapered edges will close and open space behind the bearing or track.

Third step

Once the space behind your bearing is wide enough you can start removing it from the shaft.

Fourth step

Select two of the extraction legs of the same length as the kit: use the shortest possible legs to clear the shaft. Screw one end of the leg into the puller, place the yoke on the other ends and tighten the nuts on the yoke.

Fifth step

Pass the leed screw through the yoke until it makes contact with the center of the shaft, and tighten the leed screw to gradually release the bearing. A fast supplier of penetrating fluid here will help the process; so we recommend you buy one.

Eventually, you can work the leed screw by hand and that would be basically everything. You already have the knowledge of how to correctly use a bearing separator, one of the most requested URREA tools, so get to work.

If you would like to purchase a bearing separator go to https://www.upcoglobal.com/store/ and find the one that suits your requirements. You will also find endless tools of the best quality in the market at incredible prices.

At UPC Global we focus on offering you the best and that is why our new alliance with URREA Professional Tools. Not only are we dedicated to selling our equipment to optimize your oil wells through artificial lift systems and to provide specialized consultancies and training, but also to provide you with the tools that can both improve the operational performance of your wells as well as the possibility to have everything in order in your home.

Every day we focus on going further and providing solutions that go beyond what we are proudly recognized by choosing to cover more fields and expand our range of products and services in order to meet the needs of all those who are in the operational sector.

If you want to know more information about the URREA tools we offer, do not hesitate to contact us at our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email or at our telephone number (281) 644-0302.

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