Asset Evaluation and Management

Complete analysis of entire pumping unit and pump performance
UPC Global and Frontender have consolidated their partnership after having succesfuly worked together in multiple global projects.  The strenghts and capabilities of both are complementary to provide integrated engineering, production  optimization and asset management solutions to Oil & Gas operators worldwide. Protect and create value, based on highly specialized knowledge, sophisticated technology  and best practices to assure optimal asset management are core values of UPC Global and Frontender strategic partnership.
Asset Evaluation and Management


  • Geological and reservoir data evaluation and validation
  • Oil and gas reserves determination
  • Identify the potential of the oil and gas field
  • Production history review and validation
  • Generate scenarios to determine the optimal field development plan
  • Determine the ultimate recovery factor
  • Handling uncertainty in capital investments
  • Economic evaluation and risk management assessment 
  • Decision situations classification
  • Design simulation model in decision analysis
  • Generate and evaluate DATA PACK

UPC Global provides complete engineering, advanced optimization and problem solving methods for any type of oil well. Our highly trained engineers deliver know how on how to increase production by designing the best artificial lift system in that can assure productivity and reliability.

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