Rod Pump Re-Spacing Service

Optimize the alignment of rod pump components in an oil well, leading to increased production efficiency, reduced downtime, and prolonged equipment lifespan.


UPC Global will supply the company with specialized personnel for the rod pump re-spacing service.

Rod Pump Re-Spacing

This procedure applies to all the land operations where the re-spacing of the rod strings has to be carried out on beam pump pumping units.
  • Pump spacing (Gas Interference, Pump Tagging down).
In the case of spacing the pump, this procedure must be done in steps of 3-inch sucker rod movements; each step must be carried out with a dynamometer card to ensure that the oil well is appropriately spaced.


  • Report of the activity with TAM fields and written report.
  • Dynamometric card and liquid level will be carried out after the spacing.

Equipment, Materials & Tools

For the execution of the re-spacing service, each crew requires the following:
  • One Bucket Truck
  • Echometer Well Analyzer
  • Adjustable wrenches of different diameters
  • Ladder
  • Meter and tape measure
  • Hydraulic jack (Hydralift)
  • One laptop
  • Pipe wrenches of different diameters
  • One torque wrench
  • To hold rod string, two 3-point clamps (50,000 lbs) each
  • One 1-1/4 Impact wrench

Personnel Provided for this Service:

  • Two Field Technicians with advanced knowledge in SRP operation/maintenance.
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