Telemetry and Automation

Design, Configuration, Installation and Implementation

  • Communication with load cells and position sensors
  • Wiring and connections to the drive shaft and / or starter
  • Installation of RTU via phone and / or satellite, depending on the case and if necessary
  • Configuration and installation of XSPOC analysis Software for monitoring wells in the field
  • Technical consultancy specializing in automation and production optimization
Telemetry and Automation Spirit Controller

Automation and Instrumentation

  • Design, configuration, installation and implementation 
    • SCADA. XSPOC (Monitoring surveillance, control, and artificial lift systems)
    • PLC
    • HMI
  • Installation and configuration of controllers and variable frequency drives (VDFs)
  • Design, installation and instrumentation
    • Pressure Transducers
    • Temperature Transmitters
    • Thermocoupling
    • Flow Computers
    • Electromagnetic Flow Gage
    • Electric actuators for valves
    • Load Cells (30K & 50K)
    • Positioning Sensor (Hall Effect)
    • Inclinometers
  • Telematics
    • Control room installation
    • SCADA and Telemetry installation

Surveillance System

  • Client-Server architecture
  • SQL Database integration
  • Configurable
  • Unlimited historic dynamometric cards and trends
  • Pump off controller (Ignition, turn off, stroke speed control)
  • Automatic alarms and warnings
  • Supports all tipe of controllers, variables, RTU, and instrumentation
  • ModBus or Ethernet compatible protocol
  • Supports serial ports, CDPD, Internet, Ethernet and OPC communication
  • Input / Output POC Monitoring, alarms, trends, states
  • Scalable from 5 up to 5000 well
  • User-friendly interface
  • Identification of automated troubleshooting with XDIAG, for rod pumping systems
  • Rod pumping diagnosis and analysis 
  • Integration capability with RODSTAR, CBALANCE, and XBAL
Telemetry and Automation - XSPOC
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