Gas Separator Simulator

For the design and prediction of the performance of Downhole Gas Separators


The performance of down hole gas separators is simulated in software. Different production rates, different sizes of separators, different SPM and different gas bubble rise velocities are simulated to show the performance of different separators and different well conditions. This simulation software is a great aid in educating personnel in the operation, performance, selection and proper design of gas separators. Knowledge and use of this software will help operators increase pump fillage and total production and also reduce operating expenses.
Echometer Gas Simulator Software

Key Features

  • Provide to the user a tool to easily compare the probable performance of different designs pumping system combinations and fluid properties
  • Present results in a simple and graphical format
  • Visualize the effect of modifying separator and pumping system parameters on the performance of the gas separator
  • Facilitate data input and user interaction with software


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