Echometer Total Asset Monitor (TAM)

Enchanced software to use with wireless equipment


Total Asset Monitor (TAM) is the next generation of Echometer data acquisition and analysis software used with combinations of wireless and wired fluid level and dynamometer equipment. It was designed with the objectives of:

Echometer Total Asset Monitor  - Analysis Plot

Improved Experience at Well

  • Streamline Workflow
  • Easier and Faster Installation
  • Easier Software Navigation Automatic Well Selection
  • Simultaneously Acquire Multiple Data Streams
  • Minimize Walks between Sensors and Laptop

Enhanced Analysis Options

  • Real Time surface and pump dynamometer
  • Flexible dynamometer and acoustic overlays
  • Strokes Playback and video generation
Total Asset Monitor - Enhanced Analysis
Total Asset Monitor - Enhanced Visualization

Enhanced Visualization

  • View Analyses and Results at a Glance
  • Detailed Wellbore Description
  • Depth reference and wellbore overlay
  • Pump operation and fillage animation
  • Detailed pump analysis
Existing well information and data that were acquired with the Echometer Well Analyzer can be imported automatically into TAM from TWM files.

Automatic analysis of acoustic record yields accurate results in most cases without need of operator intervention but Software provides advanced analysis tools for those wells where it is difficult to clearly identify the liquid level echo.


  • Batch Reports
  • Advanced Pump Displacement Analysis
  • Stroke Analysis Plots
  • Stroke Power Analysis and Reports
  • Support for the new wireless sensors including WHTs, WPTs, and W5KGs.
  • Numerous minor enhancements since 1.2

*A seperate license must be purchased in order to acquire data with a Well Analyzer in TAM.
Total Asset Monitor - Pump Card Analysis


Current Version: 1.7.41 Release Dated 2018

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