Echometer Total Well Management (TWM)

Integrated software used to analyze oil and gas wells


TWM provides an integrated analysis of the pumping system performance and interaction of all the elements the reservoir, the wellbore, the downhole pump, the rod string, the beam pump and the prime mover.

Total Well Management - Cost Effective Advantages

Cost Effective Advantages

  • Well Productivity and Inflow Performance
  • Beam Pumped Wells
  • Well Screening by Inflow Performance
  • Well Screening by Energy Efficiency
  • Pump Performance
  • Mechanical Loading of Rods, Gear Reducer, and Beam Pump
  • Performance of the prime mover
  • Gearbox Balancing
  • Design Modifications to Existing System
  • Implementation od Verification of Optimized Design
  • Pressure Transient Measurement in Pumping Wells

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