Interactive Design and Evaluation Software for Downhole Progressing Cavity Pump Systems
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PC-PUMP® allows users to perform quality analyses, designs and evaluations for downhole progressing cavity pumping applications. No other software is capable of providing the level of detailed and in-depth analysis of surface drives and bottomhole assemblies that can be performed using PC-PUMP.

PC-PUMP was developed as part of a multi-million dollar joint industry research project, completed by C-FER Technologies, to help improve the downhole PCP industry in western Canada.

PC-PUMP Software


  • Enhanced design tools module includes equipment specification and well survey
  • Enhanced analysis module includes specifications for operating conditions and fluid properties
  • Exhaustive database of standard and vendor equipment
  • An intuitive interface
  • Quick conversion to and from Metric and Oilfield units


  • Select optimum configuration for new wells from a complete, up-to-date vendor database
  • Compare alternatives, diagnose problems, optimize system performance and make decisions efficiently
  • Minimize downtime while problem-solving a non-productive well

A performance comparison of rod driven pumps to electric submersible PCP systems (i.e. PCPs driven by ESP motors) is also made possible. PC-PUMP is also valuable for optimizing well productivity on an ongoing basis by ensuring that pump equipment and speed matches well inflow.

PC-PUMP - Design Tools

Design Tools

  • Wellbore Geometry
  • System Configuration
    • Pump Selection
    • Tubular Selection
    • Rod String Selection
    • Surface Drive Equipment Selection
    • Downhole Drive Equipment Selection
  • Fluid Properties
  • Operating Conditions
  • Calculation Types
    • Standard Calculations
    • Pump Comparison
    • Equipment Comparison
    • Batch Comparison

Analysis Tools

  • Energy Flow
  • Drive Equipment
  • Basic Fluid Flow
  • Rod Loads and Deflections
  • Rod/Tubing Contact
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Key Locations
  • Rod/Tubing Wear
  • Rod Fatigue
  • Backspin Analysis
  • Sand Settling
PC-PUMP - Analysis Tools

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