Design and Simulation Software for Deviated and Vertical Rod Pumping Systems

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RODSTAR is the only predictive and design software of its kind to automatically design optimized steel, Corod, fiberglass, or carbon fiber rod strings for you in seconds with the wave equation.

RODSTAR can recommend the pumping unit and motor size you need and can simulate NEMA D or Ultra High Slip motors. Also, it can calculate the cost of the rod string and pumping unit. You only need to enter the cost values once and you can easily update these values at any time. The rod string cost, along with the monthly electricity bill that RODSTAR calculates, allows you to better compare system designs.



  • Customizabe Settings
  • IPR Integration
  • Batch Mode
  • Detailed Reports

Customizable Settings

RODSTAR can create your cases using English, SI (Metric), or Canadian (mix of English and Metric) measurement units. You can also save time by specifying values that usually do not change (defaults) such as company name, electricity cost, standard sucker rod length, tubing size, pump type, maximum allowable steel rod and fiberglass rod loading, rod guides, rated side load per rod guide, rod string and pumping unit costs, etc. (over 40 default settings). In addition to your default values, you can filter our large pumping unit database to only display pumping units that you own.
RODSTAR - Customizable Settings
RODSTAR - IPR Integration

IPR Integration

IPR integration allows you to have RODSTAR calculate the target production from pump intake pressure or fluid level, or to calculate the pump intake pressure from a target production or entered SPM.

Batch Mode

Run multiple vertical or deviated cases at once. After the batch run completes, you can view a summary of your batch in an Excel spreadsheet. The items/values on your spreadsheet can be customized to meet your criteria.

RODSTAR - Batch Mode
RODSTAR - Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

In addition to receiving a summary of your design and the calculated result, you can also have RODSTAR display reports for:

  • Deviation Chart (includes a 3D deviation chart and a one page summary with seven informative deviation charts)
  • Inflow Performances (IPR) chart
  • Cost Analysis
  • Dynamometer Cards and Torque Plots
  • Recommended Guide Report Measured Deviation Survey Rod String Order Summary

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