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Using XBAL is the easy, accurate, fast, and safe way to balance pumping units. Are you spending a lot of money and time balancing pumping units? Do you want to minimize the time and expense required? Do you want to eliminate the field measurement of counterbalance effect? Do you want to eliminate the risk of injury or equipment damage when chaining off the unit? Do you want to eliminate the guess work of adding or removing counterweights? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then XBAL is the tool you need.



  • Easy to Use
  • Informative Help
  • Available Counterweight Data
  • Eliminate CBE Field Measurement

Easy To Use

No manual necessary. With its easy to use visual interface, you do not need to read a manual to immediately use and benefit from the software.
XBAL - Easy to Use
XBAL - Informative Help

Informative Help

XBAL contains expert context sensitive help for every input field and uses a unique visual help system that includes drawings (for pumping unit dimensions, etc.).

Available Counterweight Data

 XBAL contains crank, beam, and counterweight data for many different pumping units.


Conventional, Maximizer I & II, Producer I & II


(Conventional, Low Profile, Mark II, Reverse Mark, Mobile/Road Runner)

Ampscot LS/Darco
Bukaka National
Churchill Beam Balanced Oilwell
Jensen Beam Balanced Sentry (Beam Balanced)
LeGrand Torqmaster
XBAL - Eliminate Field Measurement

Eliminate CBE Field Measurement

A common way of getting existing counterbalance data is by recording the counterbalance effect in the field, with a dynamometer system. This field measurement is time consuming and dangerous if you have to chain the polished rod.
XBAL eliminates the need for a CBE field measurement. You can simply select the cranks, or beam, and counterweights you have, and their positions. From this information, XBAL calculates the existing counterbalance moment, for crank balanced units that you can enter into your wave equation program to find out if the unit is overloaded or out of balance. XBAL works the same way for beam balanced units but instead calculates the structural unbalance.

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