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XROD is the fastest way to get superb rod pumping system designs (typically A+ or A design scores) with minimum effort. This new program uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to provide you with the most accurate and best designs for non-deviated rod pumping systems. XROD makes it very easy and incredibly fast to design a new rod pumping system, or to simulate an existing one. Recent comparative tests have shown that XROD can generate an optimum design 10 to 50 times faster than can be done using RODSTAR. In addition, the designs generated with XROD were better than those created by most users using the standard RODSTAR run-review-run method. XROD can also design for deviated wells similar to RODSTAR (Artificial Intelligence is not included for deviated wells).



  • Automatic Sinker Bar Design
  • Customizable Settings. 
  • IPR Integration
  • Batch Mode
  • Informative Help
  • Detailed Reports 

Artificial Intelligence

Turning on AI (artificial intelligence) mode is simple with just a click of button. While in AI mode, the program can recommend a complete system designs for up to eight pumping unit manufacturers. Also, XROD “learns” from its own runs and gets faster over time. XROD never “forgets” these improved designs.

XROD also allows you to specify the parameters it uses when running in AI mode such as the type of high strength rods to use, the pumping unit manufacturers to consider, the type of fiberglass and sinker bars to use, etc.

XROD - Artificial Intelligence
XROD - Automatic Sinker Bar

Automatic Sinker Bar Design

XROD can automatically design your sinker bar selecting the appropriate diameter and length needed for your case

Customizable Settings

RODSTAR can create your cases using English, SI (Metric), or Canadian (mix of English and Metric) measurement units. You can also save time by specifying values that usually do not change (defaults) such as company name, electricity cost, standard sucker rod length, tubing size, pump type, maximum allowable steel rod and fiberglass rod loading, rod guides, rated side load per rod guide, rod string and pumping unit costs, etc. (over 40 default settings).
XROD - Customizable Settings
XROD - IPR Integration

IPR Integration

IPR integration allows you to have XROD calculate the target production from pump intake pressure or fluid level, or to calculate the pump intake pressure from a target production or entered SPM.

Batch Mode

Run multiple vertical or deviated cases at once. After the batch run completes, you can view a summary of your batch in an Excel spreadsheet. The items/values on your spreadsheet can be customized to meet your criteria.

XROD - Batch Mode
XROD - Informative Help

Informative Help

XROD contains expert context sensitive help for every input field and uses a unique visual help system that includes drawings (for pumping unit dimensions, etc.). Also, XROD comes with an artificial lift glossary with definitions for hundreds of terms. Recommendations and warnings are provided to help you avoid mistakes and to improve overall system design.

Detailed Reports

In addition to receiving a summary of your design and the calculated result, you can also have XROD display reports for:
  • Rod String Order Summary
  • Recommended Guide Report
  • Dynamometer Cards and Torque Plots
  • Cost Analysis
  • Inflow Performances (IPR) chart
  • Deviation Chart (includes a 3D deviation chart and a one page summary with seven informative deviation charts)
  • Measured Deviation Survey
XROD - Detailed Report

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