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XSPOC is a comprehensive well management system that fully integrates all of Theta's software. It uses modern communication technologies to link real-time data to Theta's powerful diagnostic and design tools. XSPOC is not just for pump-off controllers anymore. It now supports other wellhead devices including submersibles and flow controllers. Other devices are being added all the time. Just take a quick look at the powerful features of XSPOC.


XSPOC performs many functions and supports a broad range of devices

  • Full host-based POC control and data acquisition
  • Open database using Microsoft SQL Server (allows easy integration with customer databases)
  • Integrated with XDIAG to provide automatic expert diagnostic analysis for each well
  • Client/Server architecture, fully network capable, with unlimited number of client connections
  • Scalable: can be used to automate fields with few wells or with thousands of wells (currently used in a field with over 3500 wells)
  • Data history graphs with trends of pump efficiency, runtime, production, or any other variable measured, or calculated by XDIAG
  • Full well control (startup, shutdown, parameter downloads, etc.)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) limit methods used to automatically signal when a critical parameter goes outside statistical limits.
  • Supports all modern POC hardware.
  • Automatic alarm/shutdown alphanumeric paging.
  • Automatic well control based on other conditions (facility alarms, time of day, etc.)
  • Real-time dial-in support
  • Integrates with RODSTAR, XDIAG, RODDIAG, and CBALANCE, and can read dynamometer files created with DYNOSTAR
  • Powerful Grouping / Exception Features that are user selectable based on any value in the database (including analysis history)

User Friendly Interface

XSPOC is very easy to use. In fact, most users find they can be highly proficient in a short time and with very little training. It allows you to simultaneously view a list of wells, the surface and downhole dynamometer cards, important parameters for the well, and the expert diagnostic analysis. The wells can be grouped in any way you want and you can easily switch from the dynamometer card screen to the well status screen, the trending screen, or any other screen available. Or you can keep all screens open simultaneously.
XSPOC - User Friendly
XSPOC - Grouping Wells

Grouping Wells

XSPOC makes finding problem wells very easy. It's navigation revolves around customizable well groups. From the start, wells are viewed through exception groups such as "Enabled", "Disabled", "24 hour", "Alarms", and the encompassing "All". By expanding these groups, the wells that meet that criteria are exposed. From a practical standpoint, if someone want's to know all the wells in alarm just expand the "Alarm" group.
Additionally, this same functionality can easily be customized to include organizational or geographical groups, like operators or fields. If there is a way to describe the critiria for a group of wells, the customer is able to create that group, thereby allowing full customization of this feature.
All of the system reports are built to work with these groups including automatic morning reports.

eXpert DIAGnostic Analysis Software

XSPOC contains the powerful XDIAG expert diagnostic analysis software. It provides automatic expert diagnosis of every well, every day. XDIAG uses pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to identify the pump condition, fluid level, pump friction, etc. and creates an expert report for each well in plain English.
XDIAG also recognizes problems with the input data and either automatically corrects the data or notifies the user of the problem.
XSPOC - Expert Analysis

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