0-300 IN/LB 3/8 IN DR DIAL IND


Convenient wrench for measuring torque with a gauge, allowing the user to quickly and precisely identify the torque applied. With 1/4” and 3/8” drives, this category of torque wrenches has the capacity to measure applied torque through a needle rotating on a graduated gauge in metric as well as SAE units. It features a calibrated gauge in (in-lb) or (ft-lb) – (Nm) for big models and in (in-lb) – (Nm) for small models, and two needles, one indicating the applied torque and the other is a memory needle indicating what was the last maximum torque applied. The rotating gauge housing allows the user to choose between internal or external scales, depending on the way the torque will be applied or on the type of fastener thread. The external scale is used for right-threads and the internal scale for left-threads. All metal parts are made of tempered steel. The external parts have a nickel-chrome coating.

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