Artificial Lift Training

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Artificial Lift Training Options

In-Company Training

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Build competent artificial lift system professionals by delivering learning and development based on customer needs.



  • Provide the highest quality, valuable industry relevant programs that cover all technical process of artificial lift systems, and prepare your staff with the latest practices in the field.
  • Offer added value to employees theoretical training and field training that fill the gaps, and deliver the ability to perform and analyze real case scenarios.
  • Ensure UPC Global instructors posses extensive knowledge and field expertise in their areas.
  • Increase the availability of courses and the number of delivery locations.

In-company Courses Available

  • Análisis Nodal.
  • Bombeo mecánico (fundamentos de ingeniería).
  • Bombeo cavidades progresivas.
  • Bombeo electrosumergible.
  • Levantamiento artificial por gas (continuo).
  • Levantamiento artificial por gas (intermitente).
  • Inyección alterna de vapor.
  • Nodal Analysis.
  • Sucker rod pumping.
  • Progressive cavity pumping.
  • Electrosumergible pumping.
  • Continuos gas artificial lift.
  • Intermitent gas artificial lift.
  • Cyclic steam injection.

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